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  • new-stock-wfjgovropibr

    New stock in!! After Table/Floor Lamps

  • Fairy-Tutu-Table-Lamps

    new in stock

  • P1050030-2-Light-Horse-Lamp

    "New Stock" 2 light Horse Lamp

  • P1050064-Pair-of-Horses

    "New Stock" Pair of Horses Table Lamps

  • al-npa38725 peacock window panel 110x60cm

    "New Stock" Peacock Window Panel $390

  • stained-glass 2 p1020483-butterfly

    "New Stock" Butterfly Window Panel $300

  • Updating-website-every-day-etc

    Updating website every day for lights on Sale with work permitting - Sale till the end of June 2018

  • Stock-Clearance-sign

    Stock Clearance Sale Now On -STOCK ONLY - Alice Springs NT Australia only

  • Bathroom-lighting

    Bathroom Lighting - Wall/Ceiling

  • Bette-21w-Fluoro-Vanity-Fitting

    Stock Clearance Sale Bette 21w T5 Fluoro Vanity Light Was $110 Now $67

  • Wall-lights

    Wall Lights

  • vincent-picture-light

    Stock Clearance Sale Vincent 14w T5 Vanity Light Was $100 Now $60 1 Left

  • vincent-picture-light

    Stock Clearance Sale Vincent 8w T5 Vanity Light Was $75 Now $45 1 left

  • Kuran-1-spot

    Spotlight fittings

  • Kuran-1-spot

    Stock Clearance Sale Kuran 1 Light 5w 4000k LED Spotlight Was $50 Now $35

  • York-Oyster

    Sale Clearance - assorted Oysters/Close to Ceiling fittings in ES/BC/T5 fluorescent

  • Yale-40w 1

    Sale Clearance York 40w Circular Fluoro CTC Fitting

  • Yale-1lt

    Sale Clearance York 1 Light CTC Fitting

  • Yale-2lt

    Sale Clearance York 2 Light CTC Fitting

  • Yale-DIY

    Sale Clearance York DIY 1 Light CTC Fitting

  • Potenza-CE1653-920x920

    Sale Potenza 2 or 3 light Ceiling Fixture Clear Glass with Chrome Metalware

  • avril-1-light-ceiling-fitting-ant-brass

    Sale Clearance Avril 1 Light Chandelier CTC Ant Brass

  • mercator-lighting-avril-one-light-glass-beads-ceiling-fixture-polished-chrome

    Sale Clearance Avril 1 Light Chandelier CTC Polished Chrome

  • Decor-28w-2D-CTC-Fitting

    Sale Clearance Decor CTC 28w 2D Fluorescent Fitting Was $100 Now $30

  • Dekka-32w-40w-T5-Fluoro

    Sale Clearance Dekka 40w T5 Circular Fluorescent CTC Fitting Was $131 Now $40

  • Dekka-32w-T5-Fluoro

    Sale Clearance Dekka 32w T5 Circular Fluorescent CTC Fitting Was $110 Now $30

  • Metro-T5-Fittings

    Sale Clearance Metro T5 Fluorescent Fittings are on sale

  • sign-for-pendants

    **Pendants on Sale**

  • download

    M6223 Antoinette Chrome/Opal 3 Lt Pendant Was $200ea Now $140ea

  • ESSENCE CE9177-2-297x600-DIY

    Sale Clearance Essence DIY multi coloured glass

  • Essence-Pendant

    Sale Clearance Essence Pendant multi coloured glass

  • CE5921-2-271x600-Cleopatra-1lt

    Sale Clearance Cleopatra 1 Light Chandelier Pendant Was $230ea Now $161ea

  • Cleopatra-3Lt

    Sale Clearance Cleopatra 3 Light Chandelier Pendant Was $375ea Now $262.50ea

  • ciara-3lt  34222.1468973531.550.659

    Sale Ciara 3 Light Pendant Was $250ea Now $175ea

  • Ashford-Chandelier-3lt

    Sale Clearance Ashford 3Lt Chrome Chandelier

  • Alexander-4lt-Pendant

    Sale Clearance Alexander 4 Light Pendant

  • mercator-lighting-valentina-6-light-pendant

    Sale Clearance Valentina 6 Light Pendant

  • Brighton-3-WH

    Sale Brighton 3Light White /Chrome/Individual Shades Pendant Was $261 Now $182.70

  • Brighton-3-Black

    Sale Brighton 3Light Black /Chrome/Individual Shades Pendant Was $261 Now $182.70

  • MC4825BLK-Brighton-Blk-5l

    Sale Clearance Brighton 5Light Black/Chrome/Individual Shades Pendant

  • mc4833wht-Brighton-3L-Drum

    Sale Clearance Brighton 5Light Black /Chrome Drum Pendant Was $287 Now $200.90

  • mercator-jasper-pendant-light-copperblack-Large

    Sale Clearance Jasper Large Copper/Black 1 Light Pendant Was $160 Now $128

  • Jasper-Brass-Black-Pendant

    Sale Clearance Jasper Large and Small Brass/Black 1 Light Pendant Was $160 Now $128

  • MP4721 Davinci grande-small

    Sale Clearance Davinci Small 1 Light Black Pendant

  • Elsa-Large-white-brcopper

    Sale Clearance Elsa Small and Large 1 Light Pendant White/Brushed Copper

  • elsa-large-pendant-mg3031l-Black-Rust

    Sale Clearance Elsa Small and Large 1 Light Pendant Black/Brushed Rust

  • s-l300-Zara5-bell

    Sale Zara5 Bell White Pendant Was $110 Now $88

  • ZARA7-compressor

    Sale Zara7 Burl Wood Dome Shaped Pendant Was $230 Now $184.00

  • ZARA6-compressor

    Sale Zara6 Oak Wood Dome Shaped Pendant Was $230 Now $184.00

  • coppenhagen-small

    Sale Coppenhagen Large White Washed Pendant Was $310ea Now $217ea

  • download

    Sale Coppenhagen Small White Washed Pendant Was $227ea Now $158.90ea

  • GLAZE1-compressor

    Sale Glaze1 Red Pendant Shade 120 Dia Was $135 Now $108

  • GLAZE2-compressor

    Sale Glaze2 Green Pendant Shade 120 Dia Was $130 Now $104

  • GLAZE3-compressor

    Sale Glaze3 Blue Pendant Shade 120 Dia Was $130 Now $104

  • GLAZE5

    Sale Glaze5 Brown Pendant Shade 120 Dia Was $130 Now $104

  • Sahara-Large

    Sale Sahara Rust Large Pendant Was $160 Now $128

  • Sahara-Large

    Sale Sahara Rust Small Pendant Was $120 Now $96

  • MP6631S-L-SAHARA

    Sale Sahara Cream Large Pendant Was $160 Now $128

  • Sahara-Beige-Large

    Sale Sahara Cream Small Pendant Was $120 Now $104

  • Small-Marrakech

    Sale Clearance Marrakech Small Black/Copper 1 Light Pendant

  • Large-Marrakech

    Sale Clearance Marrakech Large Black/Copper 1 Light Pendant

  • mg2931l ariel-1560x1275pc

    Sale Clearance Ariel White/Brushed Copper 1 Light Large Pendant

  • 0025971 mona-1-light-glass-pendant-mp8621-mercator-lighting

    Sale Mona Clear Glass Pendant Was $205ea Now $164ea

  • lamp red beige

    Table/Task/Floor Lamps on Sale

  • 0019293 sahara-table-lamp-mp6661-mercator-lighting large

    Sahara Rust Table Lamp Was $120 Now $94

  • Sahara-cream-table-lamp

    Sale Sahara Cream Table Lamp Was $120 Now $96 On Left side

  • SAHARA 1024x1024

    Sale Sahara Table Lamp Was $147 Now $132.30

  • blomeleytl

    Sale Blomeley Table Lamp Was $160 Now $144

  • arizona-table-440x365py

    Sale Clearance Arizona Black/Gold Table Lamp

  • Arizona-Floor-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Arizona Floor Lamp with Table

  • jasper-table-lamp-copper-a41911cp-Copper

    Sale Clearance Jasper Copper/Black Table Lamp

  • 0021561 jasper-table-lamp-a41911-mercator-lighting-Brass

    Sale Clearance Jasper Brass/Black Table Lamp

  • mercator-lighting-crest-one-light-desk-lamp

    Sale Clearance Crest Silver 50/35w 12v Bi Pin Halogen Task/Desk Lamp - Silver only

  • 32316-47-Marina-Floor-Lamp

    Stock Clearance Marina Antique Brass Floor Lamp Max 60w

  • 31316-47-Marina-Table-Lamp

    Stock Clearance Marina Antique Brass Table Lamp Max 60w

  • A34511-Bristol-Timber-Table-Lamp

    Stock Clearance Bristol Timber Table Lamp - under cost price

  • MP7761BLK-Marisa-Touch-Black-Chrome-Table-lamp

    Stock Clearance Marisa Touch Black-Chrome Table lamp - under cost price

  • 100475-06-Arezzo-5w-Black-LED-Floor-Lamp

    Stock Clearance Arezzo 5w Black LED Floor Lamp

  • 100475-13-Arezzo-5w-Brushed-Chrome-LED-Floor-Lamp

    Stock Clearance Arezzo 5w Brushed Chrome LED Floor Lamp

  • 100442-15-Cara-5w-Chrome-Table-Lamp 1

    Stock Clearance Cara 5w Chrome LED Table Lamp

  • 100441-15-Cara-5w-Chrome-LED-Floor-Lamp 1

    Sale Clearance Cara 5w Chrome LED Floor Lamp

  • Skope-Desk-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Skope 4.5w LED Task/Desk Lamp in Stock Black/Gold & Silver/White

  • Bryce-A21311

    Sale Bryce 6w LED Task Lamp

  • Dylan-Desk-lamp

    Dylan Task Lamp

  • Sara-Table-Lamp 1

    Sale Sara Table Lamp - assorted colours

  • Sara-Table-Lamp-with-usb 1

    Sale New Sara Table Lamp assorted colours with USB Port for charging phone

  • A13021BC-Sara-447x447

    Sale Sara Floor Lamp assorted colours and new colours Navy/Blush

  • Rosco-Green-20w-Bi-Pin-Halogen-Desk-Lamp

    Stock Clearance Rosco Green 20w 12v Bi Pin Halogen Desk/Task Lamp - Only Green Left

  • SLIM-T1C-Wood-Copper-Table-Lamp

    Sale Clearance SLIM-T1C 45w ES Blonde Wood Copper Table Lamp

  • SLIM-F1C-Wood-Copper-Floor-Lamp 2

    Sale Clearance SLIM-F1C 45w ES Blonde Wood Copper Floor Lamp

  • Douglas-Cooper-Table-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Douglas Copper Table Lamp (All Metal)

  • Douglas-Pipe-Table-Lamp-GOLD

    Sale Clearance Douglas Copper or Gold Pipe Table Lamp (All Metal)

  • Douglas-Cooper-and-Gold-Floor-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Douglas Copper or Gold Pipe Floor Lamp (All Metal)

  • A55611BLK-Trinity-Table-Lamp 2

    Sale Clearance Trinity Table Lamp

  • A55711-Cherub-Table-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Cherub Table Lamp

  • A50021WHT-Kingston-White-Timber-Floor-Lamp 1

    Sale Clearance Kingston White Shade White/Timber Floor Lamp *see stock clearance tab for better picture

  • new-york-touch-table-lamp

    Sale Clearance New York Touch Lamp

  • fairy-clear-touch  57885.1467355283.550.659

    Sale Clearance Fairy Clear/Chrome Touch Lamp

  • Butterlfly-Clear-chrome-touch-Table-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Butterfly Clear/Chrome Touch Table Lamp