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  • Stock-Clearance-sign

    Stock Clearance Sale Now On -STOCK ONLY - Alice Springs NT Australia only

  • York-Oyster

    Sale Clearance - assorted Oysters/Close to Ceiling fittings in ES/BC/T5 fluorescent

  • Yale-40w 1

    Sale Clearance York 40w Circular Fluoro CTC Fitting

  • Yale-1lt

    Sale Clearance York 1 Light CTC Fitting

  • Yale-2lt

    Sale Clearance York 2 Light CTC Fitting

  • Yale-DIY

    Sale Clearance York DIY 1 Light CTC Fitting

  • Decor-28w-2D-CTC-Fitting

    Sale Clearance Decor CTC 28w 2D Fluorescent Fitting Was $100 Now $30

  • Dekka-32w-40w-T5-Fluoro

    Sale Clearance Dekka 40w T5 Circular Fluorescent CTC Fitting Was $131 Now $40

  • Dekka-32w-T5-Fluoro

    Sale Clearance Dekka 32w T5 Circular Fluorescent CTC Fitting Was $110 Now $30

  • Metro-T5-Fittings

    Sale Clearance Metro T5 Fluorescent Fittings are on sale

  • mercator-lighting-crest-one-light-desk-lamp

    Sale Clearance Crest Silver 50/35w 12v Bi Pin Halogen Task/Desk Lamp - Silver only lefer

  • 32316-47-Marina-Floor-Lamp

    Stock Clearance Marina Antique Brass Floor Lamp Max 60w

  • 31316-47-Marina-Table-Lamp

    Stock Clearance Marina Antique Brass Table Lamp Max 60w

  • A34511-Bristol-Timber-Table-Lamp

    Stock Clearance Bristol Timber Table Lamp - under cost price

  • MP7761-Marisa-Touch-White-Chrome-Table-lamp 1

    Stock Clearance Marisa Touch White-Chrome Table lamp - under cost price

  • MP7761BLK-Marisa-Touch-Black-Chrome-Table-lamp

    Stock Clearance Marisa Touch Black-Chrome Table lamp - under cost price

  • 100475-06-Arezzo-5w-Black-LED-Floor-Lamp

    Stock Clearance Arezzo 5w Black LED Floor Lamp

  • 100475-13-Arezzo-5w-Brushed-Chrome-LED-Floor-Lamp

    Stock Clearance Arezzo 5w Brushed Chrome LED Floor Lamp

  • 100442-15-Cara-5w-Chrome-Table-Lamp 1

    Stock Clearance Cara 5w Chrome LED Table Lamp *see stock clearance tab for better picture

  • 100441-15-Cara-5w-Chrome-LED-Floor-Lamp 1

    Sale Clearance Cara 5w Chrome LED Floor Lamp

  • Skope-Desk-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Skope 4.5w LED Task/Desk Lamp in Stock Black/Gold & Silver/White

  • Bryce-A21311

    Sale Bryce 6w LED Task Lamp

  • Rosco-Green-20w-Bi-Pin-Halogen-Desk-Lamp

    Stock Clearance Rosco Green 20w 12v Bi Pin Halogen Desk/Task Lamp - Only Green Left

  • SLIM-T1C-Wood-Copper-Table-Lamp

    Sale Clearance SLIM-T1C 45w ES Blonde Wood Copper Table Lamp

  • SLIM-F1C-Wood-Copper-Floor-Lamp 2

    Sale Clearance SLIM-F1C 45w ES Blonde Wood Copper Floor Lamp

  • Douglas-Cooper-Table-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Douglas Copper Table Lamp (All Metal)

  • Douglas-Pipe-Table-Lamp-GOLD

    Sale Clearance Douglas Copper or Gold Pipe Table Lamp (All Metal)

  • Douglas-Cooper-and-Gold-Floor-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Douglas Copper or Gold Pipe Floor Lamp (All Metal)

  • A55611BLK-Trinity-Table-Lamp 2

    Sale Clearance Trinity Table Lamp

  • A55711-Cherub-Table-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Cherub Table Lamp

  • A50021WHT-Kingston-White-Timber-Floor-Lamp 1

    Sale Clearance Kingston White Shade White/Timber Floor Lamp *see stock clearance tab for better picture

  • new-york-touch-table-lamp

    Sale Clearance New York Touch Lamp

  • Butterlfly-Clear-chrome-touch-Table-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Butterfly Clear/Chrome Touch Table Lamp

  • Paradise-Table-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Paradise Touch Table Lamp

  • MG1961 Claudia-Table-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Claudia Gold/Marble Print Table Lamp

  • Gallery-Table-Lamp 1

    Sale Clearance Gallery K9 Crystal Table Lamp Was $160 Now $128

  • mercator-lighting-bridget-table-lamp

    Sale Clearance Bridget K9 Crystal Table Lamp

  • Carolina-Table-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Carolina Table lamp Was $130 Now $91

  • Pacific-Table-Lamp

    Sale Clearance Pacific Table lamp Was $120 Now $84

  • Peeta-Table-lamp

    ON SALE Peeta 1Lt Natural Timber table lamp with Linen shade and pushbar switch 60w B22

  • New-In-Stock-sign

    New in Stock

  • 25cm-Blue-Ocean-Globe-World-Lamp-with-LED-Lamp

    NEW 25cm Blue Ocean Globe of World LED Lamp

  • Petite-Eiffel-Tower-Lamp

    NEW Petite Eiffel Tower Amber Glass Lamp

  • Eiffle-Tower-Lamp

    NEW Eiffel Tower Lamp with black shade - 1 Left

  • Pair-of-horses

    NEW Pair of Horses Art Deco Style

  • al-sdl2029 glass-slipper

    NEW - Kid's Lamps - Glass Slipper 12v Lamp

  • tla-lt420 laying-kitty 150x150

    NEW - Kid's Lamps - Laying Kitty 12v Table Lamp with Shade

  • tla-lt416 miss-piggy 150x150

    NEW - Kid's Lamps - Miss Piggy 12v Table Lamp with Shade

  • tla-lt418laying-boo-boo

    NEW - Kid's Lamps - Laying BOO BOO Bear 12v Table Lamp with Shade

  • tla-bkl6001 owl-mini-bankers-lamp 30x20cm

    NEW Owl Green Bankers Lamp

  • r-geisha 150x150

    NEW Geisha String of Lights

  • r-dinoblue 150x150

    New Blue Dinosaurs String of Lights

  • r-rocket red-rockets 150x150

    NEW Red Rocket String of Lights

  • r-robot 150x150

    NEW Robot String of Lights

  • r-fremantle

    NEW - Assorted Footy Club String of Lights - Come in Store to see Selection

  • Glitzy-Posh-single-glow-light

    NEW Glitzy Posh Single Glow Light

  • icesml5.jpg

    NEW Ice Star Small Light


    NightWatcher 760 Pro Wi-Fi 11w LED Floodlight White or Black

  • Screen-Shot-2015-03-13-at-16.15.40

    ON SALE Saigon (Large Pendant) Large pendant with Painted Copper Patina and Copper Inside Shade.

  • MA95MNT Ava Orange Cord

    ON SALE Ava Shade Lamp Holder ring 42mm. Suits MA99 dream cord-set.

  • Screen-Shot-2015-03-13-at-16.15.13

    Gladiator (Floor Lamp)

    Tripod Floor Lamp in Vintage Style Timber Base, Charcoal Metal Shade and Black Fabric covered cord.

  • Screen-Shot-2015-03-13-at-16.14.50

    ON SALE Ariel Large Pendant

    White Shade with brushed Copper / Copper Inside.

  • MG5731L-Bridgeport-1-Lt-Pendant

    ON SALE Bridgeport Large metal pendant in Antique Brass, Black or Chrome Also in Small MG5731S

  • Fiji

    ON SALE Fiji 1 Lt Pendant Comes in Natural, White and Chocolate

  • MG3721-Stirling-1lt-Pendant

    ON SALE Stirling 1 Lt Pendant 1Lt natural timber pendant with painted grey metalware.

  • MP9231LBLK-Heat-1-Lt-Pendant

    ON SALE Heat 1Lt Pendant Colours Black, Chrome & White 2 Sizes

  • ML67329-Matisse-LED-Pendant

    ON SALE Matisse 28w LED Pendant Curved natural timber with acrylic diffuser. Clear Cord 3000k

  • MG8631-Orchid-1-Lt-Pendant

    ON SALE Orchid 1 Lt Pendant

  • MP4721-Davinci-Pendant

    ON SALE Davinci Matt Black 4Lt Metal Pendant Chain Suspension 60w

  • MW5611BLK-Leona-Interior-Wall-Light

    ON SALE Leona Interior Wall Light Up or Down wall light Antique Bronze or Black E27 40W

  • MX66014-Cecina-Exterior-Light

    ON SALE Cecina Led Exterior Light Black or Silver Aluminium Outdoor LED Light Acrylic Diffuser. 4W 4000K

  • MX66312-Artemis-Exterior-Wall-Light

    ON SALE Artemis Exterior LED Wall Light Black/SilveUp/Down light Alum Tempered Glass diffuser IP54 2x1W 4000K

  • MX66412-Cisco-Exterior-LED-Wall-Light

    ON SALE Cisco Exterior LED Wall Light Aluminium Tempered Glass Diffuser. IP54 2 x 1W 4000K

  • MX78111-Chelsea-LED-Exterior-Light

    ON SALE Chelsea LED Exterior Light 6W LED Wall Light 316 SSl with Opal White Diffuser. Also Sensor Option

  • A32921-Bobbie-Floor-Lamp

    ON SALE Bobbie Floor Lamp Natural timber floor lamp Natural cotton shade Pushbar switch. B22 60W

  • A34421-Carmen-Floor-Lamp

    ON SALE Carmen Natural Timber White Painted Feet & White Linen Shade White Fabric Cord Push bar switch B22 60W

  • A35121-Frankfurt-Floor-Lamp

    ON SALE Frankfurt Floor Lamp Natural timber White linen shade. White fabric cord foot switch Timber E27 60W

  • A36611-Zara-Table-Lamp

    ON SALE Zara Table Lamp Natural Timber Clear Glass Body & White Linen Shade. Pushbar Switch. B22 Max 60W

    Natural Timber Clear Glass Body & White Linen Shade. Pushbar Switch. B22 Max 60W

  • A35911-Ombre-Table-Lamp

    ON SALE Ombre Black ombre glass table lamp. Black faux silk shade clear PVC lining B22 60W

  • A18411-Neptune-Desk-Lamp

    ON SALE 1 Left Neptune Desk Lamp Adjustable Metal Cordline Switch. E27 60W.

  • A18811-Harrison-LED-Desk-Lamp

    ON SALE Harrison LED Desk Lamp 5 Watt LED Timber concreate base. Touch Dimmer on base. 3000K.

  • MG4231S-Peeta-1-Lt-Pendant

    ON SALE Peeta 1Lt Natural Timber pendant with Brushed Chrome metalware ES 60w